Robert Irwin, Ph.D.

Robert Irwin, Ph.D.

robert irwin

Position Title

  • Spanish
603 Sproul Hall

Education and Degree(s):

  • Ph.D., New York University

Research Interest(s):

  • Mexican and Latin American Cultural Studies
  • Border Studies/Latino Studies
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Mexican Golden Age Cinema
  • Sports Media Studies
  • Digital Storytelling, Community Based Scholarship

Course(s) Taught:

  • SPA 170: Introduction to Latin American Culture
  • SPA 171: Music from Latin America
  • SPA 172: Mexican Cultural Studies
  • SPA 173: Cinema and Latin American Culture
  • SPA 175: Sports in Latin America
  • SPA 177: California and Latin America
  • SPA 230: Topics in Latin American Cultural Studies
  • CST 200B: Histories of Cultural Studies
  • CST 295: Special Topics in Cultural Studies

Selected Publications:

Selected Books:

Selected Journal Articles:

Selected Book Chapters:

  • 2012: “Centenary of Mexican Homophobia: The Mexican Revolution and the Famous 41” in Charles Faulhaber, ed. 1810-1910-2010: Mexico’s Unfinished Revolutions (Bancroft Library/University of California Press)

  • 2010: “Homoerotismo y nación latinoamericana: unos patrones del México decimonónico” in Ana Peluffo and Ignacio Sánchez Prado, Eds., Entre hombres: masculinidades del siglo XIX en América Latina (Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana)

  • 2009: “Memín Pinguín: Líos Gordos con los Gringos” in Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste and Juan Poblete, Eds., Redrawing the Nation: National Identity in Latin/o American Comics (Palgrave Macmillan) []

  • 2009: “Helen Hunt Jackson’s Ramona: A Transnational Reading of the Old West” in Reginald Dyck, Cheli Reutter, Eds., Crisscrossing the Borders of Western Literary Studies (Palgrave Macmillan) []

  • 2007: “Memín Pinguín, Rumba and Racism: Afro Mexicans in Classic Comics and Film” in Hemisphere and Nation: American Literary and Cultural Geographies, Caroline Levander, Robert Levine, Eds., Rutgers University Press []

Current Projects:

  • Book project on the reception and impact of Mexican Golden Age Cinema in international markets, with Maricruz Castro Ricalde, Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Toluca
  • Book project on sports and nationalism in Latin America, with Héctor Fernández L'Hoeste, George Tech University and Juan Poblete, UC Santa Cruz
  • Collaborative community based digital storytelling project, Powerful Stories on sexually heterodox agricultural workers of California's Central Valley
    • in collaboration with California Rural Legal Assistance
    • funding from Cal Humanities, California Stories Fellowship
    • funding from UC California Studies Consortium, Community and Teaching Grant
    • fundign from UC-MEXUS, Small Grant