Nina L. Cole, Ph.D. 2019

Dissertation: Reggae to L.A. with Love: Style, Authenticity, and Nostalgia in Los Angeles’s Vintage Jamaican Music Scene

Postdoctoral Scholar, Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies - University of California, Davis.

Amanda Modell, Ph.D. 2019

Dissertation: Hearing Heredity: Sound, Music, and Evolution in the Twentieth-Century US

Associate Director, Graduate Teaching Programs - Stanford University

Xan Chacko, Ph.D., 2018

Dissertation: Moving, Making, Saving: The Science of Seed Banking

Hira Mahmood, M.A., 2018
Stephanie Maroney, Ph.D., 2018

Dissertation: Eat for Your Microbes: Reconfiguring Dietary Health and Subjectivity in the Probiotic Present

Program Manager - UC Davis Mellon Public Scholars

Sophie Moore, Ph.D., 2018

DissertationFutures Otherwise: Radical Life on Haiti’s High Central Plateau

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow for Research on the Plantationocene, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kelley Gove, Ph.D., 2018

Ksenia Fedorova, Ph.D., 2017

Dissertation: (Bio)sensing Interfaces and Encodings of Affect in Arts and Technoculture

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Postdoc, Humboldt University Berlin - Art&Image Studies Institute

Omar Abdullah, Ph.D., 2017

Dissertation: The Politics of Punchlines: Comedy as Decoy in a Postracial U.S.

Adjunct Professor, Texas A&M University - Sociology

Fernando Socorro, Ph.D., 2017

Dissertation: Post-1959 Cubans in the US: Remapping How We Got Here, Excavating Our Place

Educational Technologist - UC Davis Academic Technology Services

Ami Sommariva, Ph.D., 2016

Dissertation: Television for a Better America: Public Feeling, Race, and Privatization from Sesame Street to Roots

Current Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor at Portland State University in the Interdisciplinary General Education Program (aka University Studies)

Ingrid Lagos, Ph.D., 2016

 Dissertation: Remittance Clinics: Making relatives, patients, and doctors in rural El Salvador

Myrtie Williams, M.A., 2016

Thesis: Transition: Development of the Online Natural Hair Community and Black Women's Emerging Identity Politics

Jinni Pradhan, Ph.D., 2016

Dissertation: Multiplex Kathmandu: Local Identities, Global Aspirations

Middle Eastern and South Asian Student Affairs Officer, UC Davis

Rusty Bartels, Ph.D., 2016

Dissertation: War Memories, Imperial Ambitions: Commemorating WWII in the U.S. Pacific National Park System

Megan Bayles, PhD., 2016

DissertationBodies of Wonder: Human Body-Objects in US Museums

Lecturer, American Studies, UC Davis

Visiting Faculty, San Francisco Art Institute

Hilary Berwick, Ph.D., 2015

Dissertation: Producing Anarchist Subjects: Emotion, Race, and Gender in the Case of Sacco and Vanzetti, 1917-1927

Andrew Ventimiglia, Ph.D., 2015

Dissertation: Spirited Possessions: Intellectual Property in the American Spiritual Marketplace

Publications: Andrew Ventimiglia, “A Market in Prophecy: Secularism, Law, and the Economy of American Religious Publishing.” Journal of the American Academy of Religion 85:2 (June 2017).

Andrew Ventimiglia, Copyrighting God: Media and Intellectual Property in the American Spiritual Marketplace, under contract with Cambridge University Press.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland.

Karl Zoller, Ph.D., 2015

Dissertation: Home & Away: Transnational U.S. Soccer Cultures

Office of Legislative Counsel, State of California

Tallie Ben Daniel, Ph.D., 2014

DissertationBranding Israel: Queer Markets and Politics in San Francisco and Tel Aviv

Academic Advisory Council Coordinator at Jewish Voice for Peace.

Andrea Dooley, Ph.D., 2014

DissertationIt seemed The Earth Could Not Hold Them: Public Memorials, Implicated Geographies, and The Remaking of the Rwandan Citizen

Visiting Faculty, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, San Francisco Art Institute

Jamila Moore, Ph.D., 2014

DissertationDigitally Mapping The Black Atlantic: Spatial Imagination and the Politics of Reappropriation between Africa and North America

"Reimagining Little Liberia: Restoration and Reunion," Exhibit in collaboration with the Mary and Eliza Freeman Center in Bridgeport, CT. funded by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.

Assistant Professor of History, Cal State Fullerton.

Christina Owens, Ph.D., 2014

DissertationTranslating Privileges: White U.S. Americans in Contemporary Japan

Postdoctoral Fellow, Women's Studies, Vassar College

Terry Park, Ph.D., 2014

Dissertation: De/militarizing Empire: The Korean DMZ

Former Lecturer on History & Literature, Harvard University

Lecturer, Asian American Studies, University of Maryland - College Park

Magali Rabasa, Ph.D., 2014

DissertationThe Book in Movement: Autonomous Politics and the Recrafting of Books in Latin America

Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies at Lewis and Clark College

Book Publication: 

  • The Book in Movement: Autonomous Politics and the Lettered City Underground. University of Pittsburgh Press. 2019.
  • El libro en movimiento. Trans. Ezequiel Gatto. Tinta Limón Ediciones/Tren en Movimiento Ediciones. 2019.
Tracy Samperio, Ph.D., 2014

Dissertation: Defragging the Diaspora: Utilizing Morisco Historical Narratives in the Formation of Muslim-European Organic Hybridity across Online and Offline Communities

Online Associate Professor, General Education, Colorado Technical University, June 2016 - Present

Online Instructor, Southern New Hampshire University, January 2017 - Present

Publication: Samperio, Tracy L. "Sporting Change in Spain." Anthropology News 57.8 (2016).

Sara Bernstein, Ph.D., 2013

Dissertation: From Little Black Dress to Little Blue Vest: Fashion, Film and the Shifting Position of the American Shopgirl

Pacific Northwest College of Art, Liberal Arts, Adjunct

Abigail Boggs, Ph.D., 2013

Dissertation: Prospective Student, Potential Threat: The Figure of the International Student in US Higher Education

Book Publication: “American Futures: International Students and the Global U.S. University”, Fordham University Press

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Wesleyan University

Tom Galaraga, Ph.D., 2013

Dissertation: Citizenship and the Voice: the Arrival of Late Biopolitics

Sandy Gomez, Ph.D., 2013

Dissertation: "Princess House es mi Negocio": The Gendered and Racial Movement of Latina Bodies in Direct Sale Organizations

Tristan Josephson, Ph.D., 2013

Dissertation: On Transits and Transitions: Mobility, Displacement, and Trans Subjectivity, and the U.S. Nation-State

Assistant Professor, Women's Studies, Sacramento State University

Sarah McCullough, Ph.D., 2013

Dissertation: Mechanical Intuitions: Bicycles and the Development of Natural Abilities

Associate Director of the Feminist Research Institute, UC Davis

Co-Founder of Bicicultures:, The Untokening:

Elise Chatelain, Ph.D., 2012

Dissertation: Refiguring Domestic Work: Represenation, Feminities, and Meanings of Labor in U.S. Popular Culture

Adjunct Instructor, Department of Sociology, University of New Orleans

Winnie Tam Hung, Ph.D., 2012

Dissertation: Chinatown Rim: Chinese Subjectivities and the Cultural Politics of an Ethnic Space

Dawn Lee, Ph.D., 2012

Dissertation: Diversity Lessons: Higher Education Multiculturalism, Youth Pedagogies and Performances of Asian American Panethnicity

Director of Asian Pacific American Student Development Office, University of California, Berkeley

Jee-Eun R. Song, Ph.D., 2012

Dissertation: Building an Empire One Cup at a Time: Cultural Meaning and Power of Starbucks Korea.

Lecturer, Group in Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Michelle Yates, Ph.D., 2012

Dissertation: Ecological Crisis: Nature, Labor, and the Historical Specificity of Capitalism

Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences, Columbia College Chicago

Co-Director, Chicago Feminist Film Festival

Barbara Ceptus, Ph.D., 2011

Dissertation: (Re)membering Revolution, Imagining Blackness: The Haitian Revolution in the Black Cultural Imaginary

Leadership Development Officer, Council on Foundations

Benjamin D'Harlingue, Ph.D., 2011

DissertationHaunted Tourism: Sites of Violence and Memory in the United States

Lecturer, Department of Communication, Saint Mary's College of California

Stacy Jameson, Ph.D., 2011

Dissertation: Food Face: Eating on the Small Screen

Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Jackman Humanities Institute at the University of Toronto

Liz Montegary, Ph.D., 2011

DissertationQueer Mobilizations: The Transnational Politics of US Lesbian and Gay Activism

Book Publications:
Familiar Perversions: The Un-American Politics of the Gay American Family. Forthcoming
with Melissa Autumn White, Mobile Desires: The Erotics and Politics of Mobility Justice. Forthcoming. 

Assistant Professor, Cultural Analysis and Theory, Stony Brook University

Andrea L. Moore, Ph.D., 2011

Dissertation: Hyphy Intellect: The Formation of Bay Area Identities in the Realm of Commercial Hip Hop.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Ethnic Studies at Sacramento State University

Toby Beauchamp, Ph.D., 2010

Dissertation: Going Stealth: Transgender Bodies and U.S. Surveillance Practices

Assistant Professor, Gender and Women's Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cathy Hannabach, Ph.D., 2010

Dissertation: Queer Tactilities: Corporeal Ethics in Visual Culture

Book PublicationBlood Cultures: Medicine, Media, and Militarisms. Palgrave. 2015

President, Ideas on Fire

Host, Imagine Otherwise podcast

David Michalski, Ph.D., 2010

Dissertation: Taste After Taste: On the Aesthetic Invitation of Wine

Social and Cultural Studies Librarian, UC Davis

Book PublicationsThe Dialectic of Taste: The Rise and Fall of Tuscanization and Other Crises in the Aesthetic Economy. Palgrave Macmillan. 2015.

Cosmos and Damian: a World Trade Center Collage. Bootstrap Press. 2005.

Marisol Cortez, Ph.D., 2009

Dissertation: The Ecology of Scatology: Excretory Encounters in American Cultural Life

Creative Wrter, Social Movement-Based Scholar, and Cultural Arts Worker based in San Antonio, Texas

Co-Founder, Vecinos de Mission Trails (

Publications: "Occupy Los Intersticios!  Or, In Defense of Carbon Free Unicorns (forthcoming in Works and Days/Cultural Logic

Luz at Midnight: A Novel (forthcoming)

"Visualizing Disappearance: A Case Study of the DIsplacement of Mission Trails Mobile Home Community"  (forthcoming)

Santiago Castellanos, Ph.D., 2008

Dissertation: Hauntings by the Latin Lover: The Ambiguities of Eroticized Latino Male Bodies in Contemporary U.S. Queer Commercial Narrative Cinema

Dean, College of Communications and Contemporary Arts; Professor, Communication and Film Studies, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador

Co-editor, with Diego Falconí Trávez y María Amerlia Viteri, of the anthology Resentir lo Queer en América Latina: Diálogos desde/con el Sur (2014)

Editor of the journal post(s): Revista del Colegio de Comunicación y Artes Contemporáneas from Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

David Laderman, Ph.D., 2007

Dissertation: Slip-Sync: In/Authenticity and Performance in the Punk Musical Film Cycle, 1978-1986

Book Publications:

Driving Visions: Exploring the Road Movie, Univ of Texas Press, 2002.

with Laurel Westrup. Sampling Media, Oxford University Press. 2014
Punk Slash Musicals: Tracking Slip-Sync on Film. University of Texas Press. 2010.

Professor, Film, College of San Mateo

Valerie Kim-Thuy Larsen, Ph.D., 2007

Dissertation: Still the Heart of Darkness? Performing Congo on the Western Stage

Book Publications:
Mwana. Amazon Digital Services. 2011
Makila - Blood on the Dance Floor. Amazon Digital Services. 2011

Independent Scholar and Published Author

Kathy Littles, Ph.D., 2006

Dissertation: Locating the Hidden Voices in African Museum Exhibitions: How African Voices at the Smithsonian Institution Politicizes Race, Class, and Cultural Capital

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Bachelor of Arts Completion Program, California Institute of Integral Studies; Director of the Transformative Inquiry Department at the California Institute of Integral Studies

Leslie Madsen-Brooks, Ph.D., 2006

Dissertation: To Study, to Control, and to Love: Women Scientists in American Natural History Institutions, 1870-1950

Assistant Professor, History Department, Boise State University

Denise Carvalho Bergstrom, Ph.D., 2005

Dissertation: Articulations and Interventionist Art: Negotiating the Production of Knowledge in Brazilian Culture

Assistant Professor of Art and Cultural Studies, Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts, Portland, Maine; Art Critic and Independent Curator

Karyl Ketchum, Ph.D., 2005

Dissertation: Technovisual Formalism: Representation in a Digital Age

Associate Professor, Women & Gender Studies Program and Queer Studies Minor Program, California State University, Fullerton

David Nylund, Ph.D., 2004

Dissertation: Have a Take: Masculinity and Sports Talk Radio

Book Publications:
Beer, Babes, and Balls: Masculinity and Sports Talk Radio. SUNY series on Sport, Culture, and Social Relations. 2007.

Professor, Division of Social Work, California State University--Sacramento

Scott Schonfeldt-Aultman, Ph.D., 2004

Dissertation: White Rhetorics: South African Expatriate Discourse in the United States.

Professor, Communication, Saint Mary's College of California