Karen Vang

Karen Vang

Position Title
CST PhD Student

Cultural Studies


Research Interests: Because of the lack of a written Hmong language, oral histories are of special interests because the western world values scholarship in a written format. So oral histories of the Hmong population post Vietnam War; gender ideologies among contemporary Hmong. The construction of gender such as masculinity and femininity identity among colonial and contemporary Hmong.


  • Sacramento State University, 2015
    • MA in Communication Studies
  • Sacramento State University, 2012
    • BA in Communication Studies


  • Vang, K. 2014. A Mythic Hero: An Analysis of General Vang Pao. National Communication Association, Chicago, IL.
  • Vang,K. 2013. Hmong Spirituality: Christian Hmong, Animistic Hmong, and the Narrative Paradigm. National Communication Association, Washington, D.C.
  • Vang, K. 2013. Hmong Histories: When Oral Tradition Matter. National Communication, Washington, D.C.