Alexandra Fine

alexandra fine

Position Title
CST PhD Candidate


Research Interests: Affect Theory; American Studies; Feminist and Queer Theory; Modern Greek Studies/Greek Diaspora Studies; Psychoanalysis; Practices and Rituals of Rehabilitation, Self-Help and Self-Care; Spirituality Studies; Visual Studies and Visual Culture


  • BA, Oberlin College, Comparative American Studies with a Concentration in Identity and Diversity, 2012.
  • MA, California College of the Arts, Visual and Critical Studies, 2014.
    • Thesis: “Screening the Body/Screening the Soul: Aura Photography as Biometrics of the New Age”        


  • Association for the Study of Esotericism 2016 Conference – Davis, CA, June 2016
  • “Visualizing the Soul: Contemporary Aura Photography and Metaphysical Technologies of Seeing and Healing”
  • Hawaii University International Conferences (HUIC) on STEM/STEAM and Education – Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2016
  • “A Genealogical Consideration of American Self-Help Cultures: Or, How To Use a Cultural Studies Methodology to Think, Write, and Teach Interdisciplinarily”
  • Guest Lecturer in “Queer Studies” Course – University of California Davis, May 2016
  • Presented on the relation between affect theory and queer theory, and how to utilize such theories as an analytic method within interdisciplinary scholarship.
  • Gender, Bodies, and Technology: (In)Visible Futures – Roanoke, Virginia; April 2016
  • “Auroratone: Rehabilitation through Synesthesia”
  • Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting – San Francisco, April 2016
  • “Let the Gay Sunshine In: From The White Horse to The Gangway, The Shifting Landscape of Bay Area Gay Bars.”
  • Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference on The Unbearable with Lauren Berlant and Lee Edelman – University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeFebruary 2015
  • “Auroratone: Investigating Psychiatric Rehabilitation through Synesthesia.”
  • California College of the Arts, Visual and Critical Studies Final Symposium – CCA, April 2014
  • MA thesis presentation, “Screening the Body/Screening the Soul: Aura Photography as Biometrics of the New Age.”
  • Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference on Animacy with Mel Chen – University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeFebruary 2014
  • “Screening the Body/Screening the Soul: Body Scans, Biometrics, and Becoming a Subject.”
  • Guest Lecturer in “Eye Openers” Course – California College of the Arts, November 2013
  • Presented on methods of visual presentation and discursive analysis to undergraduates.
  • Queer, Feminist, and Transgender Research Cluster’s Annual Conference Undisciplining Science – UC Davis, May 2013
  • “From Symptom to Syndrome: Perversion and the Queer Politics of Rehabilitation.”
  • Sites Research Symposium – California College of the Arts, May 2013
  • “Rehabilitating Embodiment: The (Non)Site of Rehabilitation.”
  • Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference on Failure – University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeFebruary 2013
  • “Affective Afflictions: ‘Intervention’s’ Tainted Touch.”
  • Identities Research Symposium – California College of the Arts, December 2012
  • “Critical New Age: Reading Language within Metaphysical Counsel.”
  • Queer Positions Research Presentation – Oberlin College, May 2012
  • “Dreams as Queer Spectrals of the Unconscious.”
  • Expanding the Archive Research Symposium – Oberlin College, May 2012
  • BA thesis presentation, “Touching Normal: Remembering the Afflicted within Rehabilitative Reality Television.”