Adan Garcia

Adan Garcia

Position Title
CST PhD Student


Adan Garcia has a B.A. in Comparative Ethnic Studies and a Master of Education in Educational Foundations, Practice, and Policy from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  He has completed an Honors Thesis entitled “Transdisciplinarity from Marginal Spaces: Unsettling Epistemic Erasure of Critical and Decolonial Scholars,” which the erasure of critical and decolonial knowledge within a burgeoning transdisciplinary canon that paradoxically calls for a need for different knowledges, however often replicates Western canonical thought and negates a flurry of epistemological diversity by critical and decolonial scholars. Importantly, he argues that critical and decolonial scholars have had a longue durée as transdisciplinarians and any effort to create a trans-disciplinary vision must be grounded in the epistemologies already committed and nourished by critical and decolonial scholars. Thereafter, Garcia pinpoints critical and decolonial scholars transdisciplinary work as well as illustrating scholars as transdisciplinarians from Chicanx and Africana Studies. García is concerned with the continuing erasure of knowledge production of scholars of color, non-gender binary, critical and decolonial scholars, by which reinforce a continuing coloniality of knowledge formations and Westernized University systems. 


García's Ph.D continues his research interests in educational theory/praxis at the intersections of critical/decolonial theory and pedagogy, women of color and indigenous feminisms, and youth/community empowerment through humanizing and culturally sustaining/revitalizing/creative pedagogy. 


He has presented at National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS) with Cecilia Valenzuela (PhD) and peers Zurisadai Juarez-Delgado and Celina Tovar; Title "Decolonial Sonic Imaginaries: Deep Listening Community Projects and Everyday Pedagogies. 


He has also participated as counselor and instructor in the Colorado "Aquetza: Youth Education, Leadership, and Community Empowerment Program" (Co-director Jason Romero Jr. & Co-director Magnolia Landa-Posas).