Michael Rios, Ph.D.

Michael Rios, Ph.D.

Rios, Michael

Position Title

  • Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design
179 Hunt Hall

Michael Rios is Professor of Urban Design and Vice Provost of Public Scholarship. Michael has taught in the Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design program since 2007, served as Chair of the Community Development Graduate Group from 2011-2015, and is a member of the Community Development, Geography, and Cultural Studies Graduate Groups. As Vice Provost in the Office of Public Scholarship and Engagement, he is leading university efforts to reward and recognize public scholarship in research, teaching, and creative practice.

Michael’s research focuses on community engagement, placemaking, and the social practice of urban design. He has authored or co-authored over 30 journal articles and book chapters, and has also co-edited several books including Diálogos: Placemaking in Latino Communities (2013) and Community Development and Democratic Practice (2017). His articles have appeared in peer-reviewed journals in architecture, community development, landscape architecture, planning, and urban design. Recent publications include “Foundational Knowledge and Skills in Community Development” in the Journal of Planning Education and Research, and “Culture, Citizenship, and Emplaced Practice” in The Routledge Handbook of People and Place in the 21st-Century City.

Michael has also served as a PI and Co-PI on numerous grants and contracts including a USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant to assess the current state of community development education in the U.S. (2018-2020), leading the development and implementation of a curriculum on fair housing and social inclusion for the CA Dept. of Housing and Community Development (2016-2017), organizing a participatory action research initiative on changing the narrative of affordable housing in the Sacramento region for CA AARP (2015-2016), and a US Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education Grant to facilitate an international community-based student learning exchange program between several US and Brazilian universities (2002-2005).

Michael was born in Brooklyn, New York. He holds a B.A. degree in Architecture and Urban Studies from Lehigh University, Master of Architecture and Master of City Planning degrees from UC Berkeley, and a Ph.D. degree in geography from Penn State University.

Ph.D. 2006. The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Geography: “Scale, Governance Coalitions, and the Branding of Collective Action: The Politics of Obesity in Pennsylvania”
M.C.P. 1997. University of California, Berkeley, Department of City and Regional Planning
M.Arch. 1997. University of California, Berkeley, Department of Architecture
B.A. 1991. Lehigh University, Urban Studies and Architecture (double major)


July, 2019 – Present. Vice Provost of Public Scholarship, Office of Public Scholarship and Engagement, University of California, Davis, Office of the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor
July, 2018 – Present. Professor (tenure), University of California, Davis, Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design Program, Department of Human Ecology
July, 2018 – June, 2019. Founding Director, Office of Public Scholarship and Engagement, University of California, Davis, Office of the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor
July, 2017 – June, 2018. Faculty Advisor to the Provost, University of California, Davis, Office of the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor
July, 2010 – June, 2018. Associate Professor (tenure), University of California, Davis, Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design Program, Department of Human Ecology
July, 2011 – August 2015. Chair, Community Development Graduate Group, University of California, Davis
July, 2007 – June, 2010. Assistant Professor (tenure-track), University of California, Davis, Landscape Architecture Program, Department of Environmental Design
July, 2003 – June, 2007. Assistant Professor (tenure-track), The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Landscape Architecture (tenure awarded in 2007)
July, 1999 - June, 2003. Assistant Professor (fixed-term), The Pennsylvania State University, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Rios CURRICLUM VITA

2015-2018. Associate Urban Designer, Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, University of California, Davis, CA
2010-2014. Associate Community Planner, Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, University of California, Davis, CA
2007-2010. Assistant Community Planner, Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, University of California, Davis, CA
1999 – 2007. Director, Hamer Center for Community Design, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
1997 – 1999. The Spanish Speaking Unity Council, Oakland, CA Program Manager, Fruitvale Recreation & Open Space Initiative Team Leader, Union Point Park Master Plan Urban Design Advisor, Fruitvale BART Transit Village
1996 – 1997 (intermittently). Urban Ecology, Oakland, CA Director, Community Design Consulting Program Project Advisor, Mission Street Corridor Study Consultant and Team Leader, 16th Street BART Community Design Plan
1995. ROMA Design Group, San Francisco, CA Urban Design Assistant, Treasure Island Re-Use Plan
1994 - 1995. Solomon Architecture & Urban Design, San Francisco, CA Project Designer, Diablo Green Transit Village Study Project Design Assistant, Roulac Residence
1993 - 1994. Brady and Associates, Berkeley, CA Planner, Rockridge Area Plan Assistant Planner, City of Gonzalez General Plan
1992. Environmental Simulation Center, New School for Social Research, NY, NY Researcher, Grand Central Station TDR Study Researcher, Riverside South Urban Design Study
1991. Department of City Planning, NY, NY Project Assistant, Upper East Side Residential Zoning Study


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Creative Accomplishments - Featured in Exhibitions
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Rios, M. (2002, March). Serving the underserved: Speculations on the social practice of participatory design. In K. Dorgan (Chair), Community Design: Now or Never. Symposium conducted at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. (paper presenter)
Rios, M. (2001, June). An evaluative framework for community design. At the annual conference of the Association for Community Design, Indianapolis, IN. (paper presenter)
Rios, M. (2000, October). The Participatory process and community design centers. In B. Bell (Chair), Structures for Inclusion. Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. (paper presenter)
Rios, M. Polluted land and community development: Communities of color and brownfields control. At symposium of the J.M. Kaplan Center for New York City Affairs, New School for Social Research, New York, NY. (panelist)
Rios, M. (2000, January). Participatory neighborhood design. At 1st annual conference of the New Partners for Smart Growth, San Diego, CA. (paper presenter)


Reviewer for Refereed Journals
Manuscript 20-0067. Journal of Planning Literature, 2020.
Manuscript 2018-093. Journal of Planning and Education Research, 2018.
Manuscript RJOU-2016-0009.R1 Journal of Urbanism, 2016.
Manuscript JPER-2015-030. Journal of Planning and Education Research, 2015.
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Manuscript PG-134OR1. Political Geography, 2013.
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Manuscript “The Dog Days of Summer: Park Programming and the Gentrification of North Denver." City & Society. 2012.
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Manuscript CJUD-2011-0088. Journal of Urban Design, 2011.
Manuscript RJOU-2011-0016. Journal of Urbanism, 2011.
Manuscript PTP223/05. Planning Theory and Practice, 2005.
Manuscript # 04-019. Landscape Journal, 2004. Funded Projects, Grants, and Contracts Completed
Co-Principal Investigator with Bryan Hains and Kristina Hains. 2017-2020. Building Capacity and Diffusing Innovation in Community Development Education. USDA - $730,000.
Principal Investigator. 2016 – 2017. Fair Housing & Social Inclusion. CA Department of Housing and Community Development - $100,000.
Principal Investigator. 2015 – 2016. Changing the Narrative of Affordable Housing. AARP - $20,000.
Principal Investigator. 2014 – 2015. Community Engaged Design. Surdna Foundation - $15,000.
Principal Investigator. 2014 – 2016. Curating the City: Activism, Aesthetics, and the Representational Spaces of Democratic Practice. Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts - $5,000.
Principal Investigator. 2011 – 2013. Assessment of Farmworker Communities and Residential Sites - California Institute for Rural Studies - $15,000.
Co-Principal Investigator with D. Kyle. 2009 – 2010. Sacramento Diasporas Project. UC Davis Academic Senate Faculty - $24,000.
Co-Principal Investigator with C. Benner, D. Campbell, E. Gerraghty, N. Erbstein, J. London, P. Owens, & G. Rodriguez. 2008 – 2010. Multiple Pathways to Youth Success and Regional Vitality. Sierra Health Foundation - $750,000.
Co-Principal with C. Benner, D. Campbell, M. Cadenasso, S. Greco, J. London, P. Owens, and S. Wheeler. California Community and Regional Mapping Laboratory. UC Davis Agricultural Experiment Station - $75,000.
Co-Principal Investigator with D. Kyle. 2008. Valley Homelands: The Making of Global Sacramento. Gifford Center for Population Studies - $10,000.
Co-Principal Investigator with M. Francis. 2007-2008. 2008 European Capital of Culture OPUS (Open Public Urban Space) Project. UC Davis University Outreach and International Programs - $5,000.
Co-Principal Investigator with Brad Guy. 2006 – 2007. Rebuilding After Katrina Using Local Materials. Anonymous Foundation - $215,000.
Co-Principal Investigator with Kelleann Foster. 2005 – 2007. Guidelines for Residential Site Development in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Housing Research Center - $70,000.
Principal Investigator. 2002 – 2005. International Consortium on Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism. Dept. of Education, Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education - $209,000.
Principal Investigator. 2003 - Present. Active Community Environments: Tools for Pennsylvania Health Partners, PA Dept. of Health, Division of Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion - $44,000.
Principal Investigator. 2003 - 2005. Measuring Barriers to Active Living in African American Neighborhoods. PSU Africana Research Center - $5,000.
Principal Investigator. 2003 - 2004. Active Community Environments: Tools for Pennsylvania Health Partners, PA Dept. of Health, Division of Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion - $44,000.
Co-principal Investigator with Bently Spang. 2002 – 2003. Beyond Boundaries, Creating Connections: Northern Cheyenne Youth Restoration Art Project. Woodrow Wilson Foundation, Public Scholarship Award - $10,000.
Co-principal Investigator with Ian Baptise, Lynette Kvasny, Scott Wing, and Lakshman Yapa. 2002 – 2003. Belmont Community University Partnership. Penn State University Office of Undergraduate Education - $10,000.
Co-Principal Investigator with Tim Johnson, Kelleann Foster, and Scott Wing. 2001 – 2003. PennSCAPEs: Pennsylvania Strategies, Codes, and People Environments. PA Department of Environment Protection - $80,000.
Co-Principal Investigator with David Riley and Scott Wing. 2001 – 2002. American Indian Housing Initiative. Bowers Program for Excellence in Design and Construction of the Built Environment - $39,000.
Principal Investigator. 2000. Circleville Farm Feasibility Study. Heinz Endowments - $50,000. 


University of California, Davis, Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design

Lower division courses: 
Introduction to Spacemaking (studio)

Upper division courses:
Site Planning and Design (studio)
Urban Design and Planning (studio)
Design Research Methods
Honor’s Thesis (studio)


University of California, Davis, Community Development Graduate Group 

Graduate courses:
Professional Skills in Community Development

University of California, Davis, Geography Graduate Group 

Graduate courses:
Theory & Practice in Geography
Topics in Human Geography
Citizenship, Democracy, & Public Space
Aesthetics & the Geographic Imagination


The Pennsylvania State University, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Lower division courses:
Site Design (studio)
Neighborhood Planning (studio)
Architecture and Planning Theory


Upper division courses:
Urban Design (studio)
Theoretical Perspectives in Architecture
Graduate courses:
Case Studies in Community Engagement
Citizenship, Democracy, & the Public Ream


The University of California, Berkeley, Dept. of City and Regional Planning
Course co-instructor positions:
Community Development (studio)
Community Development Colloquium


Supervision of Graduate Theses
Doctor of Philosophy in Geography, University of California, Davis. Reema Cherian. In progress.
Doctor of Philosophy in Geography, University of California, Davis, “Narratives of California's Heartland: A Geographic Perspective on the Fictional Literature of the Central Valley,” Stacie Townsend. 2020.
Doctor of Philosophy in Geography, University of California, Davis, “North Fork of the American,” Sean Pries. 2019.
Doctor of Philosophy in Geography, University of California, Davis. Joshua Watkins, “Deterring Asylum Seekers: Australia’s strategy and practice of preventative border security,” 2017. 
Master of Science, Community Development, University of California, Davis. Ashlei Baker, “The Voices Behind the Bricks: An Evaluation of Youth Participation in the Upper Land Park- Broadway Choice Neighborhoods Initiative,” 2015.
Doctor of Philosophy in Geography, University of California, Davis. Tarecq Amer, “In the Law’s Image: San Francisco and the Creation of a U.S. American Imaginative Geography,” 2014.
Master of Science, Community Development, University of California, Davis. Vallerye Mosquera, “Community Leaders but not Political Candidates: Paradoxes of Belonging, Power Relations and Alternatives to Formal Politics in a Majority-Minority California County,” 2012.
Master of Science, Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University. Rocky McLure, “Visual cognition and the architecture of movement,” 2007.
Master of Science, Landscape Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University. Christine Brill, “Developing agency through the production of public space: Community design practice of the GroundZero Action Network,” 2007.
Master of Science, Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University. Jun Zhang, “The Dialectical Opposition of Place and Non-place: Implications on the Design of Urban Space,” 2003.
Master of Science, Landscape Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University. Norman Horn, “Stormwater Streets: Integrating Strategies for Better Stormwater Management Practices through Street Design,” 2001.



Committee Work – UC Davis
2020 – Present Co-founder, AACT, Anti-racism Action Coordinating Team
2020 Chair, Provost’s Work Group on Public Scholarship
2018-2020 Member, Charting the Future of Experiential Learning at UC Davis
2017 – 2018 Faculty Advisor to the Provost, Engaged Scholarship and Engaged Learning
2008 – Present Member, Community Development Graduate Group Executive Committee
2007 – Present Member, Center for Regional Change Executive Committee 
2015 – 2016 Faculty Representative, Student Family Housing Redevelopment Committee
2011 – 2015 Chair, Community Development Graduate Group Executive


2007 – 2009 Member, Landscape Architecture Curriculum Committee
2008 – 2010 Member, Geography Graduate Group Curriculum Committee
2007 – 2011 Member, Geography Graduate Group Executive Committee
2008 & 2011 Member, Landscape Architetcure Undergraduate Applications and Portfolio Review Committee
2011 Chair, Geography Graduate Group Awards & Admissions Committee Committee Work – Penn State University
2000 – 2007 Chair, Hamer Center for Community Design Advisory Committee
2005 – 2007 Member, Department of Landscape Architecture Graduate Curriculum Committee
2002 – 2007 Member, Department of Architecture Graduate Affairs Committee
2003 – 2005 Member, School or Architecture and Landscape Architecture Council
2003 – 2004 Member, Department of Landscape Architecture Head Advisory Committee
2003 – 2004 Member, Department of Landscape Architecture BLA Curriculum Review Committee


Service to the Profession
Rios, M. (2021, May). Co-organizer for one-day webinar on transforming universities for community engaged scholarship, Institute for Social Transformation, UC Santa Cruz.
Rios, M. (2020, October). Co-organizer for faculty forum on anti-racism at UC Davis, UC Davis Anti-racism Action Coordinating Team.
Rios. M. (2019, April). Co-organizer for two-day symposium on community development education, Detroit, MI.
Rios. M. (2019, April). Co-organizer for one-day summit of community development educators, Detroit, MI.
Rios, M. (2015, October). Co-organizer for one-day workshop on affordable housing in the Sacramento region sponsored by the AARP California and the California Endowment, Sacramento, CA.
Rios, M. (2015, March). Co-organizer for two-day convening on community engaged design sponsored by the Surdna Foundation and the Neighborhood Funders Group, New York, NY.
Rios, M. 2013-2014. External Reviewer, Dept. of Community & Leadership Development, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Kentucky.
Rios, M. (2005, March). Organizer for three paper sessions on participatory methods and techniques in visualization at the annual conference of the Association for Community Design annual conference, New York, NY.
Rios, M., (2004, June). Conference co-organizer of Community Design: Praxis or Practice? Association for Community Design, Atlanta, GA.
Rios, M. (2002, October) Conference co-organizer of Structures for Inclusion II: Good Deeds, Good Design, Hamer Center and DesignCorps, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.


Active Participation in Professional and Learned Societies
National Advisory Board, Imagining America, 2017-Present
Leadership Advisor, American Planning Association Latinos in Planning Division, 2008-2012.
President, Board of Directors, Association for Community Design, 2002 – 2005.


Service to Public and Private Organizations
2016 – 2018 Member, Research and Documentation Advisory Committee, ArtPlace America Community Development Investments Initiative
2015 – 2019 Member, AARP California Livable Communities Advisory Team
2015 – 2017 Housing Commissioner, City and County of Sacramento
2015 Reviewer, National Endowments Grants Panel
2015 Reviewer, ArtPlace America Community Development Investments Initiative Grants Panel
2008 – 2009 Member, California Energy Commission Subdivision Energy Analysis Tool Advisory Committee
2002 – 2006 Member, PA Land Development Consortium Advisory Committee
2002 – 2006 Executive Team Member, PA Advocates for Nutrition and Activity
2002 – 2006 Chair, Active Community Environments Leadership Team, PA Advocates for Nutrition and Activity
2004 – 2005 Member, State College Civic Design Committee
2003 Design Awards Advisory Board Member, The Commonwealth Design Awards, 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
2001 – 2002 Member, Obesity Prevention Task Force, PA Dept. of Health Selected Service to Citizens/Client Groups
2014 – 2015 Member, Housing Task Force, Upper Land Park Broadway Choice Neighborhoods Planning Initiative, Sacramento, CA.
2005 West Campus Plan, Chief Dull Knife College, Lame Deer, Montana.
2005 Belmont Commons, Belmont Improvement Association, Philadelphia, PA
2003 Courtyard Installation, Northern Cheyenne Boys and Girls Club, Lame Deer, Montana.
2002 Lancaster Avenue Corridor Study, The People’s Emergency Center, Philadelphia, PA
2002 Sara Allen Community Workshop, Friends Rehabilitation Program, Philadelphia, PA.


2005 Recipient, Association for Community Design President Service Award
2004 Special Recognition Award; Planning and Analysis, PennSCAPEs: Pennsylvania Strategies, Codes, and People Environments. Pennsylvania / Delaware Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Team award with Tim Johnson, Kelleann Foster, and Scott Wing
2003 Prize for Creative Integration of Practice and Education, American Indian Housing Initiative. National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. Team award with With David Riley, Sergio Palleroni, and Scott Wing
2002 Recipient, Design Corps Professional Service Award
2000 University of California Chancellor's Award for Community Partnerships. Team award with the Spanish-Speaking Unity Council and the Dept. of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, University of California, Berkeley