"Racial Capitalism and Performance Studies" - Patricia Ybarra & Jon Rossini

Event Date

Voorhies 228

Suggested Reading

The Mellon Initiative in Racial Capitalism announces our first event of the quarter on Wednesday, January 31st from 4-6 pm in the DHI Conference Room, 228 Voorhies. Join us as Jon Rossini and Patricia Ybarra engage in a conversation about their work in relation to the topic of racial capitalism. What are some of the projects within performance studies that engage with racial capitalism? What kinds of resources do performance studies methodologies provide for the study of racial capitalism? The suggested reading for this event is attached and can also be downloaded here.

Disciplinary Conversations Series: "Racial Capitalism and Performance Studies"

Guest Speaker: Professor Patricia Ybarra - Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, Brown University

                           Professor Jon Rossini - Theatre and Dance,  UC Davis

This initiative brings UC Davis faculty and graduate students together with outside scholars and activists to advance a research agenda that focuses on racial capitalism. The historical relationship between race and capitalism is one of the most enduring and controversial debates in U.S. historiography. Sometimes explicitly, often only implicitly acknowledged, it shapes fundamental questions about inequality, value, life, bondage, and freedom, among others, across the disciplines of race and ethnic studies, history, literary studies, law, economics, sociology and anthropology. Over the course of the next three years we will be staging dialogues across current work and chart new directions for the study of racial capitalism. Please see the full schedule, download pre-circulated papers, and preview fall events, here.