Interspecies Dialogues with Pen & Paint - Sunaura Taylor

Event Date

Art Annex Room 107

Interspecies Dialogues with Pen & Paint
Friday March 8, 10am-1pm, Art Annex 107
In addition to her scholarship and activism, Taylor is an accomplished artist. She will facilitate a drawing/writing workshop based on her artistic and theoretical practice. See a sampling of her work in the attached article "Animals, ableism, activism" from the Journal of Visual Art Practice. Please RSVP here to the workshop so that we purchase enough art materials + food.

Sunaura Taylor is an artist and writer based in Tucson, Arizona and the author of Beasts of Burden: Animal and Disability Liberation (The New Press). She has written for AlterNet, American Quarterly, BOMB, Monthly Review, Qui Parle, and Yes! magazine and has contributed to the books EcofeminismDefiant DaughtersOccupy!Stay Solid, and Infinite City. Taylor and Judith Butler's conversation is featured in the film Examined Life and the book of the same name, published by The New Press.

Beasts of Burden suggests that issues of disability and animal justice—which have heretofore primarily been presented in opposition—are in fact deeply entangled. Fusing philosophy, memoir, science, and the radical truths these disciplines can bring—whether about factory farming, disability oppression, or our assumptions of human superiority over animals—Taylor draws attention to new worlds of experience and empathy that can open up important avenues of solidarity across species and ability. 

Taylor's visit is co-sponsored by HATCH: feminist arts + science shop, the Feminist Research Institute, Cultural Studies, Performance Studies, and American Studies.