Global Temporalities Proseminar - Kathleen Davis

Event Date

SS&H - Basement

The Global Temporalities Proseminar hosted by the Institute for Social Sciences, co-convened by Sudipta Sen (History) and James Smith (Anthropology) will be hosting Kathleen Davis, Professor of English, University of Rhode Island. Prof. Davis will be leading a discussion of temporality and historical periodization in the work of the historian and philosopher Reinhart Koselleck. The session is open to all graduate students and faculty that are interested in attending.

Venue: Wednesday, February 21, 3:30 - 5:00 p.m., 273 SS&H (basement).

Kathleen Davis is Professor of English at the University of Rhode Island. She has written extensively on Old and Middle English literature, translation studies, postcolonial criticism, colonial historiography and postcolonial theory. She is the author of Periodization and Sovereignty: How Ideas of Feudalism and Secularization Govern the Politics of Time, and co-editor, with Nadia Altschul, of Medievalisms in the Postcolonial World: The Idea of “the Middle Ages” Outside Europe.

For further details and a copy Prof. Davis's pre-circulated paper, please contact Sudipta Sen, History,