"Gay Shame Organization" - Jeramy DeCristo

Event Date

Voorhies 126

Jeramy DeCristo discusses the Gay Shame OrganizationGay Shame is a radical queer direct action group doing propaganda and critical writing around the soaring Bay Area housing market. In particular, they are pushing up against how the violent capitalist neo-liberal politics of land speculation in the Bay dramatically affects queer people of color at a material level (through displacement, incarceration etc) and conscripts tokenized racial and sexual/gender minorities and discourses of activism and liberation as the symbolic spear through which to enact this rapacious violence. Gay Shame will run a workshop presenting their work and how racial capital operates within our specific local context of radical queer anti-gentrification direct action. 

From their website: "GAY SHAME is a virus in the system. We are committed to a trans/queer extravaganza that brings direct action to spectacular levels of confrontation. We work collectively outside boring and deceptive non-profit models to fight white supremacy, capitalism, ableism, cops, settler-colonialism and all forms of domination. Liberals think we are frivolous decorations and mainstream gays want us gone. Against them and with each other we instigate, irritate, and agitate, to build cultures of devastating resistance."