Archiving the Obscene: Sex, Desire, and Memory in Mexico - Zeb Tortorici

Event Date

SS&H 2203

Prof. Zeb Tortorici will discuss his 2018 book (Sins Against Nature: Sex and Archives in Colonial New Spain) and his second monograph project - about the archiving of the "obscene" in Mexico from 1700-1955.


Zeb Tortorici

Associate Professor of Spanish & Portuguese, New York University

Ph.D., UCLA, 2010

Zeb Tortorici’s research focuses on the intersections of sexuality and archives in colonial Latin America. At the Penn Humanities Forum he will complete his monograph on the "sins against nature" in colonial New Spain. He will also advance projects on the archiving (and exclusion) of pornography in Mexican historical archives, criminal cases of abortion and infanticide in colonial Mexico, ethnopornography, and "trans*historicities." He co-edited Centering Animals in Latin American History and two special issues of Radical History Review on the topic of "Queering Archives." His work peels back the layers of multiple archives, exposing the fissures of bodily reminders and the instability of documented desires in the past and present.