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Welcome Prospective Students!

This information is intended to help you navigate the admissions process by giving you a clear statement of our application materials and selection process. Many of the answers you have about applying to the Graduate Program in Culture Studies are found here, so please read these materials carefully before you contact us.

Overview, Forms and Deadlines

This will give you a very brief overview of the program and link you to current information on deadlines, forms, and procedures for submitting your application.

Requirements and Guidelines

Here you will find detailed information on the statement of purpose, writing sample, letters of recommendation, test scores, fellowship applications, fees and more. In addition to letting you know about the many components that constitute the application package, we have also tried to compile tips that help you understand what you can do to make your application to our program a strong one.

The Process

Applying to graduate school and waiting to hear can be an anxious process.  By describing our selection process in detail, we hope to give you a sense of how the Admissions Committee goes about the difficult task of selecting candidates for admission.


Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Admissions.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!